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The Land of Aryans in Ladakh

The land of Aryans in Dah-Hanoo is situated to the south west of Leh around 160 Kms passing through the beautiful villages down from between confluence of Shayok-Indus rivers Damkhar and Skurbuchan. There are many small villages but there are few villages as Takmachi, Skurbuchan, Dah and Hanoo are open for tourist formerly it closed for foreigners due to international borders and now it opened for the tourist but you need the Inner line permit from Leh to visit the villages in Dah.

The main attraction of this place is coming

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Hornbill Festival with Kaziranga

‘Festival of Festivals’…. Yes, this is how the Hornbill Festival is famously known, as the diverse Naga tribes who join together during this particular time to celebrate Naga cultural heritage. Hornbill festival is organised in Kisama Heritage village which is 12 km from Kohima – the capital of Nagaland state. This 10 days festival, which starts in first week of December, showcases the rich and vibrant colours of Nagaland. Nagaland being one of the seven states in north east India, is a home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and

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Mumbai to Cochin on Motorbike

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